At Relyon we have a range of standards across two companies:  ISO 9001, 14001, ACS and various security standards.  We took MQF on originally because they are a family business like ours and we liked their approach and attitude.  Our customers come to us because we offer the highest levels of service and are always on call and we expect that from our suppliers. We also liked that we were dealing with the senior people all the time, and have the same point of contact for everything we need. MQF look after all of our systems for us, including regular internal audits, and keep us moving forward and improving our business processes.

Apart from the certification side of things they are part of our team.  Bruce looks after us personally and is always on call if we have a problem or query.  They do so much more than just keep our ISO and other certifications going.  They provide proper business advice and always get things done on time and with skill and humour.

Daniel Boyle – Managing Director