Legislation Support

What is Legislation Support?

Since the 1970’s there has been an increasing level of environmental legislation, driven mainly by EU initiatives. A number of key principles underpin Environmental Law, including:

  • Polluter Pays Principle
  • Precautionary Principle
  • Preventive Principle
  • Producer Responsibility
  • Sustainable Development

Additional Considerations

There is a vast body of environmental legislation which evolves almost daily and it can be difficult to know what the latest situation is and what legislation is relevant to your business.

In today’s environment it is increasingly important to keep abreast of the legislation relevant to you. Non-compliance to environmental legislation can leave a business and in some cases its directors open to prosecution and fines.

How MQF can help

At MQF we can help you, either as part of implementing ISO 14001 or as a stand-alone process, to analyse your business requirements and put systems in place to ensure that you are aware of and compliant with environmental legislation that is relevant to your business.
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