Security Industry Standards

The Security Industry Association Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)

How do you differentiate your business from the competition?
The Security Industry Association (SIA) introduced this voluntary scheme in order for businesses in the sector to be able to demonstrate that they were operating to a consistently high standard. Increasingly, Security businesses are finding that clients require them to be part of the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS). The ACS is now viewed as the recognised standard for companies operating in the private security sector.
The ACS is designed around existing quality standards, particularly ISO 9001. Compliance with ISO 9001 will ensure that your organisation is substantially compliant with the requirements of the ACS, although there are some additional requirements of the ACS over and above ISO 9001.
At MQF we have extensive experience of the Security industry and we can help your organisation gain accreditation to the ACS, usually in conjunction with implementing ISO 9001 together with other Security Industry specific standards. Additionally we can offer ongoing support including internal audit to your business to ensure that you remain incompliance with ISO 9001 and the ACS.

ISO 9001 and other Security Industry specific standards

Depending on the type of security business you run, there may be a number of standards relevant to your business. ISO 9001 is the world recognised quality standard, but in addition industry specific standards relating to areas such Screening of Personnel, Keyholding, Door Supervision, Mobile or Static Guarding may be relevant to your business.

Our Expertise

Our expertise at MQF throughout the Security Industry can help guide you through this area and gain accreditation to the relevant standards. These include such standards as:

  • BS7858 (for security screening of personnel)
  • BS7499 (for manned security services)
  • BS 7984 (for keyholding and response services)

We can also assist in:

  • getting and maintaining approval to the ACS
  • gaining certification to ISO 9001
  • getting certified to specific industry standards